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Smartphonewalk works like a periscope and allows users to handle their smartphones with ease while walking. The gadget is combined with the application that creates an interactive floating screen on your device. It is available free for Android smartphones on Google Play store.

Smartphonewalk can be used as spy equipment on all Smartphones. Its size and practicality makes it perfect for a discreet camera shot. The gadget can be quickly detached from the magnet on your smartphone and it is small enough so you can quickly hide it in any pocket.

Smartphonewalk is a really practical way to use your device. You can effortlessly attach and detach it from your phone, and it is small enough to fit in any pocket or wallet. Magnets are really strong for their size which makes the gadget just jump on your smartphone and at the same time thin enough to keep it practical.

With Smartphonewalk you can text, read, or even play games while you are walking, as well as discreetly taking photos or videos. With the help of this innovative product, you will also reduce the risk of bumping into someone causing an accident.

Author: Susie Gilman

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